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Welcome To Our Nanny Candidates

Dear Sir/Madam, thank you for coming to Beijing Nanny Domestic Service, the following are our available nanny candidates, you can choose the one you like best from them:

Zhu ayi, coming from An Hui Province, Chinese speaking, has been an ayi for ten years. If you come from Malaysia or America or Hongkong or Korean or Spanish, because she has experience in working for the families coming from the above countries living in Chao Yang District. Her family was very satisfied with her work and also wrote recommendation letter for her, In these families, she cleans the house, does the laundry, irons the clothes and helps take care of on Baby. Zhu ayi is very experienced and trustworthy, she would like to find a part time job on Monday to Friday morning. her salary is 40RMB per hour.

Wu ayi, English speaking, has been an ayi over 10 years. She has ever serviced for German families, Columbia family and American family. She can do perfect cleaning and ironing. She is very experienced and hard-working. Her previous emoloyers were very satisifed with her and wrote recommendation letter for her, she can bring it to you when meeting. She can work for you from 2:00pm to 6:00pm, on Tuesday and Thursday. Her monthly salary is 1800RMB. When needed, she can help to work overtime, her overtime salary is 50RMB per hour.

Nie is 36 years old, coming from LiaoNing province, 12 years’ education, English speaking. Mrs. Nie has been a nanny for 11 years. She has worked for Malaysia family, American families and French family. In these families, she cooks for the babies, bathes for the babies, plays with the babies, teaches babies Chinese and protects the babies from danger. Except taking care of the babies, she also helps to do the cleaning, laundry, and ironing when needed. Mrs. Nie is very kind-hearted, active and hard-working. She gets on very well with the babies and the families. Her previous employers were very satisfied with her work, and wrote recommendation letter for her, she can bring it to you when meeting. Mrs. Nie is a live-out nanny, she can work from 9:00am to 1:00pm, from Monday to Friday, her monthly salary is 4000RMB, when needed, she can also help to work out of her normal work schedule, her hourly overtime salary is 50RMB.

Wu ayi, 46 years old, coming from Anhui province, can communicate with English speakers smoothly. She has been an ayi for more than 20 years. She has cleaned, ironed and cooked for American families for 6 years, for Australian families for 4 years, for Denmark families for 2 years, and for Swedish families for 9 years. She has recommendation letters from her pre-employers. You can read it on the interview, you can also contact with her previous employer or current part-time employer to know about her work. She can do very good clean and iron. She can also cook many kinds of Chinese food and Western food. She is very professional, she would like to find a part-time job. Her salary is 50RMB per hour.

If you would like to meet any nanny of them, please email us on beijingnanny@icloud or call us on 18600923956 or 13269652968 or 18600017874 or adding our wechat on zs19850610 to tell us which nanny you would like to meet, we will arrange this meeting for you at your convenient time at your convenient place. If you haven't found the nanny you want in the above, you can contact with us and tell us your requirements for the nanny, we will select the most suitable nanny for you and send their information to you.

Hope you have a good time in Beijing Nanny Domestic Service!