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Welcome To Beijing Nanny Domestic Service

Aiming to help many successful Ladies and Gentlmen to get out of the exhausting housework and babysitting, so that having more time to make their career more successful, Beijing Nanny Domestic Service was established.

Beijing Nanny Domestic Service has helped thousands of families coming from all over the world find satisfying nannies, housekeepers, drivers and Tutors. We did, doing and will do everything to make us to be the most healthy, clean, responsible and professional team to help you and your family!

We can provide the English speaking nanny for our clients when they need, we can also provide Chinese speaking nanny with lower salary than English speaking and provide translating service anytime our clients need.

Our nannies owns legal identity, healthy body, provides loving and responsible care for the children. They know how to prepare meals for the children, how to change diapers for the baby and how to bath for the baby. They play with the baby, sing songs and poems for the baby to encourage the baby proper speech and personality development. All of them have attended in First Aid Training to keep the baby away from danger. They speaks Mandarin, so they can give your baby standard Chinese.

Excepting providing suitable nanny for your family, we can also provide suitable housekeeper and suitable driver for your family.

Our housekeeper usually do all the following things for the family:

Clean bedrooms, living room, study, entry hall, dining room, bathrooms and the kitchen for the family.

Make the beds and change the sheets.

Wash the clothes per detailed cleaning methods.

Iron the clothes.

Make breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family.

Clean the inside of the refrigerator, the inside of the oven, the microwave and the smoke exhaust ventilator.

Polish shoes and put them in shoe closet to keep them clean.

Shopping as needed per detailed shopping instructions.

Pay Utilities including paying electricity, paying water and paying gas.

Call the compound office when repairs are needed on the home or burned out light bulbs are needed to be changed.

We hope our long-term placement will also get you long lasting satisfaction!

Hope you have a nice trip in Beijing Nanny Domestic Service!